Lightswitch Video | Video Terminology 101: What is a Voice-over?
08.03.2021 Talking Tech

Video Terminology 101: What is a Voice-over?

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What is a voiceover?

One key component to most video work is a voice-over. A voice-over is a speech recording from a professional voice actor overlaying a video. It helps to add context to B-Roll footage that is shown on-screen, or narrates an animated video.

Here’s an example:

In this video we did a while back with The VING Project, a nonprofit that helps teens financially help adults in their lives, we have a voiceover overlaying the animated video explaining the purpose of the organization and how kids can get involved. The professional voice actor that is speaking under the video adds context to the animation and gives teens an explanation of how they can give $1000 to someone to change their life. The voice-over not only makes the video accessible to those who might be visually impaired, but also further explains the buzzwords that are present on-screen.

Here at Lightswitch, we use Bunny Studio to help our clients choose the best voice actor for their project. Bunny Studio wrote a case study last month about how they’ve helped us to keep up to scale with our projects.

Want to add a voice-over to your next video? Get in touch to plan your next project!

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