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05.31.2016 Talking Tech

How to Elevate your Product Launch with Video

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Tips for Launching a Product with Video

Dynamic video content helps you expand your reach for product launches, grand openings, and major company news. The most successful video projects have a few things in common; professional production, compelling visuals, and effective messaging. Leveraging our video network guarantees the best quality for your major announcement video.

On average, sites that leverage video keep visitors engaged for an extra two minutes. When your business has a major announcement its critical to capture as much audience attention as possible. Developing a professional video for a major product launch, grand opening, or news story will not only help you get your message out to the masses, but it will help you engage them in a more meaningful way as well. It’s no surprise then that video projects for product launches are more popular than ever before, but before you rush into a project take some time to learn about the three elements that make a successful announcement video.

You need a high video production quality

Professional audio equipment is essential, and for a good reason. Video production teams know that proper audio is critical to a successful project and can make or break the message. Keep audio requirements in mind when you plan your next announcement project and consider the cost and benefits of outsourcing delicate recording to professional production crews

Obviously visual integrity is a major part of any video project, but how do you ensure that your announcement project looks the best it can? Equipment is only half the battle and the most successful projects are managed by dedicated teams of video professionals who can shape a scene to capture the optimal message.

The biggest issue for on most announcement video projects is time. Tight production schedules, strapped budgets, and limited options for reshoots can completely derail any project. Make sure your announcement video is managed by a professional staff or risk running up a massive bill.

Your video needs strategic direction

Part of a successful announcement video is making sure your story is told in the most effective way possible. What aspects do you want to highlight? Who is the target audience for this message and what is it they want to see? Proper direction can make a major difference in the final product and ensure that projects are completed on time and on budget.

Post production needs are often left off of the list when people begin planning an announcement video. Leveraging professional production experts will go a long way in guaranteeing the quality of your final product.

Finally, your video must appear professional and knowledgeable to build trust in the brand and to generate interest in your announcement.

Make Your Message Effective

Keep it simple

Keep it clear and straight to the point. Avoid lengthy introductions that don’t add to the message and distract the view from what they came there to see. Tease your viewers with what’s to come by hinting at the big reveal before moving on to the details.

Stick to the headlines

Your viewers are not interested in every tiny detail and it would be a major disservice to yourself to over explain your announcement. Show your excitement, but don’t overdo it. Professional direction will help a lot with teasing the most out of your project without putting the viewer to sleep.

Are you ready to set your next product launch up for success with video? Let us help!

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